Wanna know the secret to having the best BLONDE in the bizz?

For all of our BLONDIE’S who want BRIGHT and BRASS-FREE locks… our ELEVEN Australia Keep My Colour Blonde range is the perfect addition to any blondes hair care routine!

KEEP MY COLOUR BLONDE SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER is a specifically formulated to suit all blondes – natural or not! To fight brassiness, these products are formulated with a blue base with ext. Violet 2. While boosting blonde tones, soy proteins and natural extracts strengthen hair and add volume.⁠⁠

KEEP MY COLOUR TREATMENT BLONDE boosts tones while adding shine to achieve the iconic Australian blonde. The blue based treatment enhances cool, blonde tones to reduce brassiness. It also promotes a healthy shine, treats and conditions the hair with Macadamia Seed Oil.⁠

Many of our ELEVEN Australia Blondie’s had a wide range of questions for us regarding our blonde product range, so we answered them. Continue reading to see what they were…


Q: What’s the difference in tone between ELEVEN Australia’s Blonde Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment?

A: KEEP MY COLOUR BLONDE SHAMPOO is an everyday shampoo with maximum toning.

KEEP MY COLOUR BLONDE CONDITIONER is an everyday conditioner with light toning.

KEEP MY COLOUR TREATMENT BLONDE  is a weekly deep treatment with light toning.


Q: What external factor contribute to damaging my blonde hair?

A: Chlorine, UV rays, lightning services & pollution. can take a toll on blonde hair, which is why it’s important to use products that have been specifically formulated to protect, nourish and tone hair.


Q: What are the key ingredients in the KEEP MY COLOUR BLONDE CONDITIONER?

A: Green Tea Extract – This adds shine to the hair.

Lemongrass Extract – Helps to strengthen the hair.

Hydrolysed Quinoa – Helps to repair, protect and nourish the hair.


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