Hair clips are trending and here’s how to get on board

Its official, hair clips have made a comeback. Right now, you can’t scroll through Instagram or scan a front row at fashion week without clocking a couple of hair clips and we couldn’t be more excited. Why? Clips are the hair equivalent of a statement lip or colourful eye – easy, commitment free and fun to try. From the 90’s style snap clips to full-blown and bedazzled, here are our top tips, tricks and styling hack to pulling off hair clips.

DO start simple

Nervous to give clips a go? Good old snap clips or bobby pins are the easiest (and cheapest) way to try the trend on for size. Add a couple to your cart on your next grocery run, scrunch some ELEVEN Australia I Want Body Texture Spray through your hair from roots to ends and wear on one side only for a look that’s more ‘easy laidback cool,’ less ‘after-school sports.’

DON’T worry about matching

“When using clips remember it doesn’t need to be completely symmetrical, the trick is finding the right balance with the placement,” says hairstylist Hermiz Daniel. “When I did Rozalia’s Polo look this year, I started adding clips into random places but always checked that the balance was right, which makes it look more organic.”

Zoe Foster Blake and Rozalia Russian with hair by Hermiz Daniel

DO think about the rest of your hair

“I love teaming 90’s style clips with a beautiful blow dry to give off some 90’s supermodel vibes,” says Hermiz. “For a blow-dry I always prep hair with ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment and then ELEVEN Australia Sea Salt Spray. This combination smooths and polished the hair while adding grit and hold. Then blow dry using the ELEVEN Australia Large Round Brush, curling underneath for that real 90’s supermodel blow-dry. Then once you’ve personalised it with your hairclip, finish with ELEVEN Australia Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray.

DON’T play it safe

Ready to step things up from simple snap clips? Why not graduate to a bejewelled barrette or pearl-encrusted clip! This trend probably won’t stick around forever so we say go big or go home while it lasts. “For embellished clips I like to keep the hair simple to let your accessories shine,” says ELEVEN Australia Educator, Rachel Vitullo. “Also think about your outfit when picking clips to make sure they complement your whole look from head to toe.”


Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray 

Sea Salt Texture Spray

Miracle Hair Treatment

I Want Body Texture Spray

Images via Instagram.