11 things girls with great hair always do

Have you ever wanted to ask that girl on Instagram/at the gym/making your coffee how she got such amazing hair? We have too, so we did the next best thing and asked ELEVEN Australia Co-Creative Director, Joey Scandizzo what’s the deal? “Sure, genetics are a factor, but keeping good habits is just as important.”

Here are 11 things he says girls with great hair almost always do.

1. They’re loyal
Switching salons after every single appointment can be tough on your hair. Why? “Having a good understanding of a client’s hair history is important because it allows me to know what I’m dealing with,” says Joey. “I know what they like and don’t like, plus what they’ve had done in the past and where we can go next without compromising the integrity of the hair.”

2. They never go to bed with wet hair
“Hair is at its most fragile when wet and that tossing and turning on the pillow creates friction, which all adds up and can lead to unwanted damage.” Oh, and another reason to make sure your hair is bone dry before bed? “Mould can grow in hair that doesn’t dry properly.”



3. They always ask for a glass of water or green tea
Growing strong hair starts from within. “I’m big on leading a healthy lifestyle and how healthy hair comes from the inside and I do notice that my clients who feel the same tend to have better hair.”

4. They bring pictures
“Hairdressers are very visual people and a picture really does speak a thousand words,” says Joey. “When my clients come in with references it helps us to communicate what we can achieve and keeps us working towards a common goal.”

5. They don’t brush their hair when it’s wet
“I tell my clients all the time that hair is extra prone to breakage when it’s wet and brushing can compromise the elasticity,” says Joey. Stash ELEVEN Australia Orange Carbon Fibre Comb in your shower for combing through treatments and use it afterwards to for any detangling until your hair is fully dry.”



6. They do weekly treatments
“Most of my clients have some kind of lightening and I can always tell which ones regularly deep treat their hair,” says Joey. Blending protein and moisture, Joey says his strong-haired regulars swear by ELEVEN Australia 3-Minute Repair Rinse Out Treatment.

7. They’re picky with their accessories
Too tight ponytails can lead to breakage and so can what you tie it up with. “It’s a simple switch but using a snag-free hair elastic can make a world of difference, especially if you work-out and often have your hair in a ponytail,” says Joey. Switch to a snagless style elastic such as the Invisibobble to avoid breaking the hair unnecessarily.

8. They get haircuts
Fact: great-hair girls get regular cuts. “Trimming regularly and getting rid of damaged, split ends is essential for maintaining the integrity of the hair,” says Joey.



9. They know that haircare doesn’t stop after the shower
What you use after the shower can make good hair, great. “Using a leave-in conditioner is really important hydrating and protecting hair from heat and the environment around the clock,” says Joey. “The first products I recommend to all my clients is ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment, and I can always tell which ones are diligent with using it!”

10. They invest in a good hairbrush
Much like make-up brushes, investing in good quality brushes boosts the result. “Hairdressers aren’t the only ones who need good brushes, using a high-quality hairbrush will not only make styling easier but they are better for your hair, won’t tear it and getting a good quality hairbrush like like ELEVEN Australia Maple Wood Paddle Brush, will not only make styling easier, but won’t tear the hair and will stimulate the scalp to boost hair growth.”

11. They trust me
Having a good relationship with your hairdresser only betters your quest towards amazing hair. “Consistency is important and when a client trusts my recommendations not only in the salon but also when it comes to creating a personalised hair regime, you can see that in the hair.”

Images via Instagram.